Congratulations Mr Chavez

February 3, 2011

by Leonie Fleischmann

Congratulations, Mr Chavez, on your 12 year anniversary of coming to power as the Venezuelan President. You are well on the way to achieving your goal of Bolivarianism. Just keep pressing ahead with your socialist revolution and maybe you will be celebrating another 12 years in power. In order that we can fully applaud you, let’s just take a moment to acquaint ourselves with your ideological beliefs and political definitions.

‘Participatory democracy’ – power is given to the government and taken away from the people. The opposition is excluded from policy-making. Successful ‘participatory democracy’ is achieved when the President is able to pass laws by decree without needing the support of anyone. Well done Mr. Chavez, you don’t even need the support of congress to pass a law.

‘Anti-globalisation’ – the people have no need to benefit from a greater choice of goods, lower prices and a bigger export market, especially when conditions are perfect for anyone managing a global criminal network. Importing and exporting corruption and crime helps to provide excellent opportunities for criminal gangs. You have excelled yourself, Mr. Chavez; in 2010 Venezuela was rated as having one of the highest murder rates in the word.

‘Liberty’ – everyone is free to listen and abide by everything the President says. This can only work if journalists follow the line the president takes.  I have a good idea for you, Mr. Chavez, why not bypass journalists altogether and create your own, accessible TV show, with ‘fake’ news conferences highlighting pro-Chavez journalists reinforcing all your points? Oh, you’ve already done that, impressive.

‘Equality’ – all men are equal but some are more equal than others. Ah yes, and of course you are more equal than anyone else.

A huge congratulations to you, Mr. Chavez, on creating your perfect ‘21st Century democracy’ or did you mean to say ‘21st Century dictatorship’? I’m confused.